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We’re on a mission to make the complexity of fitness studio management easy, approachable and human-centric.
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Fitness has always been at the heart of Mariana Tek. Before we developed this software in 2015, we built, managed and scaled the entire technology platform at a very popular boutique fitness brand—and there, we learned that great technology is necessary to running a great business.

That’s why we, along with our world-class team of fitness-obsessed developers, set out to create the management platform we always wanted—one that takes all of the complexities of running a studio, and makes it easy to use, brand-centric, and fitness-focused.

Who is Mariana?

People often ask about the origin of our name: Mariana Tek. When we were thinking of names, we wanted something that connected with what we do: create a vast platform that can handle the depth and complexity that comes with running a studio.

At a certain point, the Mariana Trench came up, and it started making sense: Like this worldly wonder, our software has depth, and is able to handle diverse ecosystems of studios, whether they’re just starting out with a handful of members, or just opened their hundredth location.

So we named our platform Mariana Tek, and didn’t look back.

Ready to work together? Reach out and set up a demo to see how our software can be a perfect fit for your fitness studio.

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