Mariana Tek: Moving for Meals

This Winter, Help Your Clients Meet Their Fitness Goals & Donate Healthy Meals, In One Place

Beginning Food Day (October 16) through November 25, we’re partnering with Vizer, a platform that donates meals when your members meet their exercise goals—and in turn builds community-wide health through exercise and access to healthy food. That means your members will have even more of an incentive to work out at your studio, and it's FREE!
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Ready to get set up with Vizer? Here’s how you can get your studio started:

step 1

Get a QR code for your studio

Gym and studio owners fill out this Google Form, and you’ll receive a QR code. This is a completely free process, but keep in mind you’ll have to fill out all of the information on the form.

step 2

Scan the QR code and start donating

Once you receive your QR code, both studio owners and members can scan the QR code to download Vizer* and start donating meals through reaching exercise goals at your studio.
*Note that this is not an integration with Mariana Tek.

step 3

Spread the word

To get members involved, post the QR code in your gym so members can easily scan and download the app. Members can also earn rewards through Vizer for their participation.

How it Works for your Members

step 1

User reaches daily fitness goal by completing 30 minute workout in-studio or online.

step 2

Vizer converts their workout into a meal donation.

step 3

User earns free health-forward rewards from aligned and local businesses.
Your members will be able to donate a meal after each class they take just by scanning a QR code displayed in your studio. It's an easy way to get your community engaged and motivated to work out more for a good cause. Plus, studios who donate the most meals will be announced on Mariana Tek and Vizer's social media.
Right now, as a Mariana Tek client, you can partner with Vizer by adding your studio to the app. So when your studio members take a class, they can automatically donate healthy meals.

What are the benefits for my studio?

  • Giving back to your community by donating meals to the hungry
  • Incentivizing your members to come in for a workout
  • Marketing and PR opportunities that highlight how you’re promoting exercise and access to healthy food

Ready to speak with Vizer?

Fill out this Google Form for your QR code.
to join the challenge
  1. Download App
    Download the free Vizer app
  2. Enter the Code
    Join the corporate challenge and enter the code: ______
  3. book class
    However you normally book class
  4. scan QR
    After class, scan the QR code in studio to log your workout